Saturday, January 23, 2010

a lesson in a flower

one of my favourite flowers is the water lily

growing in darkness

deep down in the muddy depths of still water, she feeds on the silt and the detritus that settles from above,

nurtured in that darkness, knowing her unlikely planning

she sends up her sinuous stem with sepals like a blind peering snout reaching to the light

she relenquishes her starlike beauty, sun-like eye open

unblinded by her own loveliness.

dark and light

mud and clarity

seeing and unseeing

anchored and reaching

it seems to express the duality

and beauty of life

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my list of 100 creative dreams for 2010

I am joining Andrea over at ABC creativity to make my creative dreams come true (i am sorry andrea i have tried to make a link work and maybe that should be one of my creative dreams!)

but here is my list of 100 creative dreams....

1. to free myself creatively

2. to make something creative each day - that means with creative intent

3. to regularly feel like i am in the flow

4. to make my heart sing with my work

5. to stop making excuses

6. to make some silver work every week

7. to paint outside

8. to paint from my inside

9. to find a teacher who hears me

10. to be open to where this creativity takes me

11. to have a vision board for my family

12. to have a vision board for myself

13. to have an inspiration board in my room

14. to write and value it.

15. to do morning pages

16. to be open to being in the company of inspired/inspiring people i admire

17, to not apologise for myself

18. to sell something and make someone happy

19. to practise

20. to practise some more

21. to see the process as a joy and not be too tied up in the outcome

22. to like the outcome

23. to inspire others

24. to make people's heart sing with my work

25. to see it as valid to be in my process

26 to value what i do

27 to paint what makes me feel alive

28 to have this blog be a reflection of my heart

29 to not be afraid to start things

30 to finish things

31 to see things and act on my inspiration

32 to learn my heart is true when it whispers

33 to listen to my inspiration

34 to be a clear conduit for the divine

35 to have some sodding fun with creating

36 to make people go ahh

37 to make me go ahhh

38 to make stuff with my girls

39 to make something everyday

40 to revel in what i make

41 to make something for a hero/ine of mine and they love it

42 to have a private space of my own with inspiration all around me

43 to have an exhibition i am proud of

44 to have an exhibition and sell something

45 to find an audience

46 to find a part of my heart which i am willing to release in the form of an artwork

47 to travel the world telling people about my process

48 to encourage/inspire people to discover their process

49 to experiment with many different media

50 to get to a place where right isn't a rule it's a feeling

51 to be bold

52 to revel in my "mistakes"

53 to be rich in my self care

54 to be full of faith in my process

55 to be able to ask for help

56 to be able to say no to others when necessary

57 to be able to hide out in my studio when i need to be in there just working

58 to be able to meet the world with my heart on the outside and still be safe

59 to be expressive in all that i do - this includes the way i appear to the outside world, my house, my connection with others

60 to minimise that which drains my juice

61 to maximise juice factor

63 to smell, taste, touch, hear and see with intention - it is ok to be greedy with these things they fill up my creative cup

64 to know it is ok to be the only one to like what i make

65 to know that even if i don't like it someone else might

66 to complete

67 to leave open the door to possibility

68 to be invited to go overseas to participate in some creative event

69 to feel creatively healed

70 to see that anything that i make with my hands is redemptive

71 to fill my mind with luscious things - books music art thought - so that my hands have good fuel

72 to be connected to that which sustains me

73 and to be connected to those closest to me and explain if they ask and not have to over explain

74 let my work speak for itself

75 let my joy suffuse what i do

76 being present when i created

77 seeing my creativity and my spirit as linked

77 wonky is good

78 not hearing other's voices - jsut listening to my own and that of the big ole universe

79 holding onto the image of stepping over the sea of petty and into that place of calm

80 acknowledging that i don't have the answers but that i can sure as hell give stuff a try

81 everything can be beautiful

82 everything can be useful

83 but knowing i don't have to if i don't feel like it

84 i have permission to be wonderful

85 i have permission to be hopeless and yet be loved

86 i become clear in my intention

87 i create great beauty

88 my work is celebrated in my lifetime

89 my work is celebrated beyond my lifetime

90 i am able to create when all around me is not "perfect" for the process

91 i see things differently from everyone else and i can express this

92 take another silver course with Brian

93 my heart is fully engaged in my work

94 my eyes agree with my heart and not what i think should be there

95 i see this as my work and it is valid

96 take a writing course

97 take an art course with suzi blu

98 teach an art course

99 have a bottomless fountain of $ for art supplies

100 sigh with satisfaction at my work