Friday, January 28, 2011

being filled up

this trip filled me up

it was so amazing to be present to the beauty of Aotearoa, to feel like i was in another country because it is so different to my home... and yet it is still part of the same nation....

this photo is in a beach south of where i live, where i had never been before - the Auckland regional council cleverly made these ornate frames to frame the beauty of our land....

our girls are part of the picture of the beauty of our country!

i will post a photo with why it now claims part of my heart as often as i can....

with love

Thursday, January 27, 2011

what is that smell???

yes it's me i am back

but i am also kind of not back

i am so immersed in DEEP - the art class and general spiritual awakening gathering, by the wonderful Connie Hozviga that i won't be here in words too much

so i thought i would send photos of my holiday in lieu of too many words... i hope that is ok

they are of things that filled me up so i hope they fill you up too....

ps. i love you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011



i am off for two internet free weeks in the South island - travelling by campervan with my family no schedule

each of us choosing one thing to do

Simon camping by a braided river
Eila - riding on a high country station
Me - Gore art museum
Woo - reading her book lying in her bed while we drive

i think we can manage that in two weeks

now i just have to manage shoving all my art making materials in my bag somehow....

i will be back replenished and true