Tuesday, August 17, 2010

this is for monday and tues - i have been flat tack (lazy cat rests for me)


  1. LOL
    I needed a laugh.
    Thank you for that.

  2. ha ha - that is exactly how i feel!

    scrolling through your previous week ... i swear i HAVE to get down (up? over?) to NZ as i think we are sisters separated at birth. the to-do lists, the baby lamb, the scattered art supplies, our growing goddesses ...

    you will be in the Tribe, right? I don't think i could go long without a Jane-ism fix!

    xo Lis

  3. Lis we are a tribe already - i feel like all the people who come here are my tribe members... and yes i am doing the next ringwormy step of big!

  4. Looks like my house, I swear if it wasn't for all of the cat hair my couch would fall apart--I guess that's why they call it furniture!