Tuesday, February 1, 2011

making magic happen

today i am consumed with the idea of making magic happen

i think the world's true nature is magical

i think that underlying every living and inanimate thing is magic

and i love it when people make that visible

this letterbox was in a tiny place called Blackpoint. The first place in New Zealand to have electricity - because it generated it itself because it was a goldmining town

now only about 12 people live there

but we stopped there because Willow wanted a toilet stop. Then i saw this letter box and took a photo, then we noticed a sign to a museum and gold battery and we left 5 hours later filled with stories and gifts of ideas of things to do and my girls had a glimpse into the lives of my grandparents...

this beautiful quirky handmade with love and magic letterbox lead us on that journey - totally unexpected into the past and the future

so to whomever made it thank you

you have inspired me to make magic happen wherever i can because i can trust it to open doors that won't have otherwise been there


  1. Magic finds you because you are magical <3

  2. Magic is found everywhere if you look carefully. some of us are lucky enough to see magic in what others overlook.
    You're definately one of those see-ers! x