Friday, February 25, 2011

this is my friends' business
thriving deli/cafe/cooking school

it has to be demolished

they can't even go in to rescue stock

right now they are grateful that everyone made it out unhurt

but not unscathed

this will be a scar that everyone carries on their heart

everyone in this tiny community knows the guy who was crushed by a rock fall walking home over the hills to get to his young family

everyone is aware of the army patrolling the streets to stop looting

everyone will feel that frisson of fear when a large truck drives past rattling the ground

and as a bystander i feel this deep sense of unease, constantly close to tears, obsessively checking my emails to see if Sue has been in touch (not yet)... i feel useless and frivilous when i find myself laughing

but then Graeme and Jenny, who own Ground, are so filled with gratitude that they all made it out in one peice, that they have life and each other and their friends, that cherishing laughter and the joy of seeing an inch worm waving around on a flower and being covered in paint seem to be keeping the faith with the things that truely count

so inspite of the horror i will honour the joy in life, because i can and because what you focus on expands

and i so want for people to be reimmersed in love and not fear


  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{All of Aotearoa}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Arohanui, and Kia Kaha ~~~

  2. i'm not even sure what to say. but i wanted you to know this moved me......

  3. Just letting you know I am here, reading, and hearing, feeling the loss and honouring the joy. Sending my love to New Zealand.

  4. Peace to NZ and all my Kiwis. I will be holding you in my thoughts.

  5. Hi Faerian, hope your friends are still okay. Me too I am grateful I made it out of the CBD alive and well. Don't know if you've ever been down sure is going to be different, ....uneasy times.
    ♥ from me down here. Just gor my power back on last night, yay !