Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a lovely metaphor

(this is a photo of us camping under the stars last summer)

i was listening to the radio this morning about New Zealand and Australia's joint bid to be part of this wicked project called the square kilometre array.

they are going to set up a spiral of around 4000 radio telescopes to help them collect more information about space

one of the reasons Australia and New Zealand are front runners is because of the quality of our night sky, the relative lack of light pollution...

the darkness will help them see the stars

The darkness will actually help them see.

and i thought this was a beautiful metaphor.

the dark times in your life are the times when you are open to seeing inside yourself, seeing outside yourself....

the darkness helps you to see your own stars...

if you want to learn more follow this link to radionz webpage and go down to feature guest Bryan Boyle - a brilliant and enthusiastic man who describes himself as a cosmic archaeologist!


  1. the darkness will actually help them to see.

    this is beautiful, thank you.

  2. you help me see all the time and it is your light and your dark times that illuminate Andrea