Wednesday, September 23, 2009

welcome home gifts

(my treasures from my walk on Church Bay)

today i was having a sad day

where the tears sit just in my throat

and i find a sense of restlessness all around me

making me pick things up to read

and put them down again

aimlessly search and look for new postings new sites new new new

when what i think i need is to just be




so today i took my restlessness and the poodle for a walk on the beach and these are the gifts i found...well i was given really

i feel rewarded by finding beauty in these small and perfect things

i always take away rubbish so i feel like i trade the beach as well...

but i also feel that these treasures are offered up to me by the sea.... the place that calls to me...

they are welcome home gifts

i can't tell you what pleasure it gives me to see these gifts, to hold them, to feel their weight, or weightlessness in my hand

and know that i am part of this amazing universe...

and to know some part of me feels like i deserve it is better still

What makes you feel at home?

what makes you realise you are loved?


  1. Some of the most loved, quiet and amazing moments of my life have been by waters edge. I think we have a commonality there.

    My son's smiles always make me feel connected and earth-bound too, like I have created and provided miracles around me that I get to set free on the planet for others to wonder in.

  2. us mermaids have got to stick together....i love how you have the insight to see you have provided miracles Dharma... i enjoy wondering in your miracles... thanks for this beautiful comment

  3. Those treasures are beautiful.

    Nature offers so much to us and I'm so grateful she showed her love to you at a time when you so needed it. Thank you for feeling deserving.

    I feel blessed to have my cat welcome me home and show her love - even when it's only cupboard love!

  4. cats only come to people when they really want to - it is clean love with a cat - even when a cupboard can be a bit of a target on the way!