Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my vagina's unpleasant experience

Photo of my youngest dressed as princess Leia for a starwars party - i want to be a vagina warrior as feirce as this!)

i have recently had to go for 2 colcoscopies...where they look at your cervix to suss out whether the cell changes are sinister or not...

initially i was sent to the local hospital but knowing there were only male gynaecologists

i chose to go privately...i mean i have never had stranger men around my cervix in any other part of my life so why would i want to start now ?

then as luck would have it (and i live in a smallish place so only one private gynaecologist) i needed a second opinion...

off i go, reluctantly, to be quizzed about why i didn't go there in the first place ... a little discomforting but i told the truth having to work all the while not to apologise because i am highly attuned to Doctor worship and saying i have a different opinion to a Doctor is pushing buttons for me...

...then i was in the stirrups (and hating every second of being disconnected from my vagina and his examination by a sheet - like it was none of my business)


I mean the kind of cough you would definitely turn your head away if you were face to face with someone

so why would you cough on the vagina of someone unless you were disrespecting it?


and he didn't apologise - either he does this all the time, or he didn't think it warranted an apology - there is just no way around it - he doesn't think vaginas are worth it...

...so now i need to go back

but i won't

and now i need to ring the hospital and cancel the appointment (having already raised the hackles of the staff there by insisting that they tell me biopsy results over the phone so i don't have to wait 2 months - CLEAR BY THE WAY HOORAY!)

I just need a little bit of courage to make the call - to claim back my right to have the airspace around my vagina respected...



  1. What an insult.
    You weren't honoured :(
    A vagina is NOT to be sneezed (or coughed) at.
    He was highly rude and disprespectful.
    I am wafting vibes of courage your way to give you the impetus to pick up that phone.
    Sending love to you and your body.

  2. lovely mollie you are a blessing in my life....