Thursday, February 11, 2010

giving and recieving

love in the shape of a potatoe

i have been thinking about giving and recieving today

i have a friend who is in pretty dire straights.

how she holds it together is a deep miracle to me

one of her challenges is poverty and the threat of homelessness

i am in the blessed position of being able to help in small ways.

but she is proud and is holding onto being able to do it herself like a life bouy.

but today i gave her a small something which she almost turned away.

until i said "Consider this the universe, working through me, offering you something with love."

and then she took it.

How often does pride get in the way of the universe working it's magic - when it comes to money, love, any kind of abundance the universe wants to shower on you....

i was always taught to haggle over bills, always give more than the other person, not accept help.

and now i see how limiting that can be.

i hope that the universe sees her up for accepting and begins a big flood of good...


  1. It delights my heart that your wisdom is showing your friend that to receive is also a way of giving. Allowing someone to help is a priceless gift to that person.