Thursday, November 18, 2010


Once a month I find the path to the light increasingly difficult to see.

It may appear from the outside that I am more irritable, more difficult, too much and not enough all at once.

And sometimes that is how it feels on the inside too.

But I also see, with my wisest self, that what I am in those times of turmoil is also closer to the deepest truth.

That being ON and being around others is tiring for me.

That hanging a do not disturb sign and going within is a healthy response for me.

That being a bear that has to hibernate once a month (as opposed to just over winter) allows me to be the fierce protector, tree shaker, creator, I am in the rest of my days.

So ROAR and see you tomorrow when my time in the cave is no longer so necessary…

As an aside I am sure that my consumption of a whole bag of potatoe chips is warranted if I am hibernating for the day right… a bear has gotta have something to come and go on!


  1. is that your painting jane?
    it's AMAZING.
    i can really feel what you are saying in it.
    ps - save some chips for me!!!

  2. A picnic is essential to take to your cave.

  3. i loved this! AND the painting is priceless!