Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pike River

To all those who lost loved ones,

live in the community where the men lived,

to the team mates who will miss that man at the next game,

and the next,

to the parents who watched their beloved child grow into a strong capable man

and who are weeping now not being able to have protected them, their baby, from this

to the unborn children who will not know their father,

to the children who knew their fathers and realise what they have lost,

to the partners who will roll over to hold their man and weep.

To the mine owners who tried, and failed,
and have to live with that.

To the rescue workers, knowing with each hour that passed their role was less
and less likely to be victorious.

To the drillers who had to temper desperation with sense.

To the empaths who see that pain and feel it echo in their bodies.

To my coal mining Grandad who was watching all this with sadness i am sure.

Today i make my girls' beds, and lunches and vacuum the floor in full gratitude for all the blessings i experience without knowing, but glimpse,
through the tradgedy of these men,
that these little things,
the sweeping of a floppy fringe off a forehead
the extra kiss at night
the smile in my heart as i see my girls walk in to school

these are the things that i would miss.

Kia kaha


  1. flag image from this website

  2. I have no words.
    I'm very grateful for yours, faerian.

  3. I am so sorry for the loss of those men, it is tragic.
    My thoughts are with their families and friends and you for your countries loss.

  4. as we all should be grateful for each single precious moment, thanks for the touching tribute and reminder, lovey

  5. you write so well, so lovingly, about all the layers & interwoven aspects of loss. so important in amongst the trauma... to hold fast to the love. my heart goes out, from far away in canada.
    thank you for your kindness to me, too, faerian.

    jenniwiffles <3