Monday, October 3, 2011


Earlier this year i did an amazing course with Andrea of ABCCreativity called "THE CREATIVE DREAM INCUBATOR"

Andrea lead a group of us on an adventure into dreaming past our boundaries and i found that i had a dream i did not even know i had

And i am proud to announce it here to you my friends

It is called Reframing your Story.

Reframing is a technique used to help people reimagine their story.

I am a deep believer in the power of story - the power of story to harm, to heal, to light the way through the darkness.

To see another possibility in the story we tell ourselves over and over, until we believe it is true.

Some of those stories are invented by other people.

Some of those stories no longer serve us.

Reframing your Story is my offering to the world.

It combines art, faery tale and story. 3 of my great loves...

I have created this website where all who are tired of the story they tell themselves can come.

The way it works is we make contact, you tell me the story you want to change and depending on the option you choose...

i will make up a new story for you and produce an artwork on the theme of your new story ...

SO TO CELEBRATE PLEASE GO TO THE GIVEAWAYS AND OTHER MAGIC part of the website (It is under more... but please have a look around - it is a faerietale inspired playground !!!!) , tell me why you would like to reframe your story and leave a contact email and i will choose a winner on the 25th of October -

please tell your friends and increase your good karma!

and thank you for supporting me to be brave enough to do this....

having you come here and see me through has made a huge difference!

with love and lots of jiggling



  1. This is fabulous, Jane!!! I wish you all the VERY best in this next step in your journey!!!

  2. Jane, Congrats, thumbs up !! Your new site looks very nice ! I wish you lots of reframing :-)

  3. This is fab Jane ~ sending love and light to your new venture :)