Monday, March 30, 2009

the joy of going with the flow

i have been a controller

keeps me safe

keeps things where i can see them

only really it doesn't in the long run....

i realise that the more i hold on the harder it is...

it is like driving down a really windy hill with my foot on the accelerator hoping it will get safer...

and through a confluence of events - some healing, some reaching out for help, some self care, some creative flow... i find myself letting go.

i haven't made it something to do on my list of things to do - that just makes me more likely to have to control it, schedule it, feel busy about it....

but i have just started...

started trusting that it is a good universe

that i am taken care of

that it is all unfolding as it should

and it really is

and the reflections i see around me are beautiful - warm friendly helpful people, outcomes - even of hard things being beautiful,

this is joyful

and huge!

sending this gratitude out into the universe to warm your day...

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