Friday, April 3, 2009

JOY in the simple things

I am a confirmed joy warrior (and if i was a clever computer chick i would even have Brandi's blogsite listed here but alas...)

and so i find myself thinking about joy randomly....

where do i find joy?

what is joy for me?

how do i share it?

so i thought i would write about things that have given me joy today...

writing on the SARK forum in the "why i am remarkable thread" that i am remarkable because Willow loves me... bought me joy - because she was sitting next to me and reading what i typed and i felt the pride resonate through her... i felt her recognise that she had the power to influence lives... that her love was important and treasured by me... those little words made huge joy

going on my joy warrior photo safari gave me joy - i made a spiral in the dew

and that gave me immense joy - i giggled when i had to retrace my steps... but i felt a bit like a walking meditation at the same time...

seeing the poodle smile on our walk gave me joy

seeing the cat do a crazy flop in Willow's arms gave me joy

talking to Leonie on skype gave me joy (i am a deflowered skype virgin!)

getting a cup of tea from my lovely hubby...

the list goes on and on

all simple

all free

all heart singingly mind sparklingly beautiful!!!

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