Wednesday, August 12, 2009

just being

After talking about lumpy bits yesterday....

and then about seeing myself i have decided to ammend that to seeing myself with love

because when i look around me i see creatures like my cat

he is sitting here beside me -

curled up on the softest cushion he can find -

in full sun -

a stretch here,

a lick there -

alert to changes but able to soothe himself and then settle back into bliss

and i realise he puts no pressure or judgement on himself, no shoulds or deadlines or burdens...

he just is

and when he comes with love - it is unclouded and full and warming

he can be real because he fully sees himself - he meets what needs he can and asks for help with the rest....

so i will follow Pippin's example and find a place in the sun today....
i hope you do too


  1. Pippin is a great swami teacher!

  2. isn't he??? he gets quite yogic at times in his posture too!!!! :-)

  3. I read this and then looked at my kitty-cat stretching in sleep at the end of my bed and I know exactly what you mean. Cats are great Zen teachers : ).

  4. our animals are damn smart. :-)

    I love that photo!

  5. Thanks Brandi - he had just been snuggling up to me on the couch and that was how he landed up when i moved away!