Monday, August 17, 2009

the value of a good scarf

1. they induce jaunty. Jaunty is wildly underated as a pick me up.

2. colour. Colour is also wildly underated as a pick me up.

3. softness. That soft permanent caress when you wear a scarf is so sensual i think it is illegal in some countries. (Why anyone would choose a scritchy scarf is beyond my realms of understanding but then i can't do high heels coz they hurt)

4. hiding wrinkles or other acts of time and hormones (this includes hickeys). When any blemish to your beauty appears in the neck region a scarf can save errant thoughts of plastic surgery... and it also leads to 1,2 and 3 ...

5. Shifts boring into interesting... jeans and tshirt?... meh... jeans tshirt and scarf? "OOO LA LA".

6. Shows off your creative abilities (see mycrochetherapy blogspot) and helps to maintain your brain - all that left brain rightbrain brain gym stuff.

7. Scarves last - jeans get holes in the knees, tshirts get olive oil stains (well most of mine do) but scarves last and last and last.

8. Vis a vis point 7 - you can often buy good second hand ones as they are lasting wardrobe items... so you can save the planet as well as get your jaunty on!

9. You can always help out if someone needs a tourniquet.

10. You can secure bad guys if you make a citizens' arrest (or have any other need for handcuff type items)

11. Blue scarves heal sore throats and help your expression and speaking up for yourself.

12. Blind man's bluff, pin the tail on the donkey, bang the pot etc are only possible with a good scarf.

Warning...although not in the least exhaustive this list may have you running out to buy scarves galore... remember the sobering end Ms Isadora Duncan came to - the combination of ridiculously long scarf and convertible car is not a good one - this said

scarf yourself happy


  1. Those are wonderful reasons! ... my main reasons are numbers 2 & 3.


  2. 2 and 3 rock - colour is such a healer and magical - and combine that with touch.... mmmm

    thanks for stopping by Susan (who is not so anonymous now!) ;-)

  3. I just love ya!!! And scarves. yes yes yes.