Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr C.G.Jung

(rock in the river taken last year)

Well - my beloved friend Ena said i should read Jung.

That was about 12 years ago.

I bought a pile of them about 4 years ago.

and then 3 nights ago i started to read one.

"modern man in search of a soul"

And i want to have Mr Jung over for scones... or to play in the sand with him... or to lie on the couch and have him walk with me through the pathways of my soul.

There is something about his humanity which bowls me over....

"I have met with a fair number of failures which were far more impressive to me than my successes"

and the courage with which he has made his way... in a feild thoroughly unknown, forging a path which seperated him from a mentor...

acknowledging the dark side with such love..

"How can i be substantial if I fail to cast a shadow?"

I have spent much time and even more energy in persuit of "nice" - denying the dark, frantically spackling over any entrances to the deep darkness i sense inside me that i am exhausted.

exhausted and dissatisfied.

i look outside myself to others for validation

constantly measuring there

when my words or actions or apperance are not as sardonic or cool or loving or creative or brilliant or thought provoking or contentious, or erudite or.....(add whatever bloody adjective you like) i measure myself as less

when in fact, if i step into the shadow, i will feel my own weight

i will have the balast to stop all this rocking on the waves of the opinions of others

and i will sail the path i was born to... instead of doing the same trip to the hole in the rock (obscure northland tourist trail reference

i will go out to sea...(and i have just realised the significance of one of my bucket list things- being out at sea and not being able to see land).....

for now though i feel like i am making it past this big rock in the way...

and am excited about taking Mr Jung with me .... and you if you want to come!


  1. I cannot remember who it was on the SARK board that wrote that we can only see the stars when it is most black....but I think Mr. Jung would have approved of such an is to you going through your shadowy places darling....if you get scared, I am here to hold your hand :)

  2. i like you Granddad was a coalminer so i think being in dark places is somehow genetic!

  3. Deep reading, faerian.
    Here's to you making friends with your shadow-side.

  4. soooo many of us compare our insides to others outsides. I get that way too.

    I believe true joy is in embracing it all.

    and in case you are interested, I am often cranky, watch reality TV sometimes and make plenty of mistakes.

    and that's okay.