Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a week of blech

(where i should be - that is the poodle rolling in the sand in the foreground btw)

i have been making this poor lap top do overtime

i have been here and there on the internet... caught in the worldwideweb like a fly

and i am buzzing in circles on my back

slower and slower

the gaps in between lengthening.....

i have been sick - just a flu thing... lethargy factor is at 90% - and i find this a highly distracting place to be...

disengaging me from my bleak attitude, the sense that i am out of my rightful place in the universe... that i am getting older by the day and the shining future i saw ahead of me as a young woman has drifted by in this haze of mediocrity...

i don't want to meditate, or write gratitude lists, or eat well.

i sit here, cantankerous and touchy, tearful and feeble

and check my emails one more time...


  1. Sending you permission to feel the feelings no matter what they are, faerian.
    Love is wafting on the cyberspace waves and floating to you.

  2. {{{{{{{{faerian}}}}}}}}

    Listen to your favourite nurse... who prescribes a big, soft, fluffy blanket or comforter, a steaming hot mug of your favorite herbal tea, soft tissues to snivel into and the freedom to roam the net as much as you want...

    (I'm the same way when I'm sick!)

    Love & hugs ~~~

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're itchy from the inside out....(((hugs))) to you my friend, whine away.....

  4. thankyou fellow members of my SARK tribe

    so glad i found you...