Thursday, October 29, 2009

not giving too much away

sometimes i feel like i am leaning on the glass

making a little fog on the surface with my breath

watching while others who know how to do all this stuff that people do

just do it

and i feel like i should be taking notes

or that i somehow missed the manual

and i have to rub the glass,

making that squeeky sound,

to look in again and figure it all out.

And then i meet someone from my tribe - usually when my nose is not pressed to that glass, and they are funny and engaging and interesting and they don't need a babel fish to figure out what i am saying

they just get me

and i realise all the times i went inside the glass and felt like i couldn't breathe and gave away more and more of my sacred truths to people who screwed them up and walked on... well those times were sacreligious

and now i will only give my jewels away to people who gasp with recognition.....


  1. What a lovely realization for you, my friend!!
    You rock!!!

  2. ohmygosh, what a great post! standing up clapping! loved this one!

  3. I loved this!!! Really loved this. I can get to a place where I ffel like I am the outsider too....sometimes I just have to push myself that much harder to let *real* people in....and I am always surprised and amazed when they *see* me too. This is something I am working on to become more authentically me...if you like, I'll wipe the glass for you ;)

  4. my lovely gasping tribeswomen! i bow down to you and your big hearts!!!

  5. My heart resonates with this, faerian.
    I so often feel as if I don't belong, only to find a like-minded/souled one when I stop trying too hard.

  6. Bautiful Jane. How I love thee. Have given you an award on my blog. Go have a looksie..

    Much love and hugs to you.