Tuesday, November 3, 2009

inspired by Leslee - for Amy

(us being a family having dinner on the lawn still checking over our shoulder for the hospital staff...)

I wrote this in response to Leslee (www.lesleehorner.wordpress.com) and her loss of her precious friend Amy - Leslee asked us to reflect on the day that our lives changed and this is what came to mind... for you Amy...

the day things changed ...Part one.

My husband and i were at the hospital. We had had a baby a few hours before and we sat there and looked at the carseat and the new little red faced soul in our arms.

it was time for us to go home. To start our life as a family. But we didn't know what to do.

We needed help to get our baby into the contraption and then get the contraption in the car.

and then they let us drive home.

they let us drive her away!

i am sure they should have stopped us. Told us off for taking away a child. We had no experience. We hadn't passed a test, got a manual even... and here we were taking her away to begin life .... No one did - i checked behind me but no one ever came after us....

the other day my life changed Part 2.

the birth of my second daughter...

that was entirely different... she was born at home and her entrance into the world was peaceful and powerful. The most empowering experience i have had. It was hard work and scary at times but i was connected to the energy of all the women before me who had been through this passage. This place that is the closest to death most of us come... I walked that path with them and came out with a beautiful baby, in my lounge, looking into the eyes of my husband, with only friends around me...

that day changed my life because i knew if i did that - i could do anything


  1. it feels so good to read how empowering birth was to you! i felt the same way. changed me profoundly. the exact same feeling...if i could do that, i could do anything. i wish the birthing classes covered that for women. i think it would give them the courage to go as natural as they could.....i love your posts.

  2. You've put the most incredible experience into marvellous words, faerian. Thank you.