Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the way it seems

today it seems like it is safer to hang out here

today it seems like getting outside is too adventurous

today it seems like the work i do is not enough

today it seems like all the synchronicities and generosity of yesterday have shimmered far into the distance

today it seems like the gift of an author/artist/poet any creative into the world ...

is enough to ameliorate all that other stuff,

which means that if i continue to listen to the whispers about my work, i continue to follow through and if i push through the doubt and the fear i can maybe

just maybe
ameliorate all that other stuff for someone else


  1. ohmygosh, you are way more than enough....
    you touch my soul on a regular basis.
    i come looking for your energy when i'm low on my own.....

    oh. i am so laughing.
    i had to look up ameliorate.
    i'm not kidding.
    world's worst vocabulary here!
    honest to pete.

    but you know what? i looked it up!
    and you know what?!!! THAT'S WHAT YOU DO FOR ME!!!!!!

    you ameliorate me!!!!!

  2. bowing very deep ... as we all ameliorate each other...

    i think that is a very beautiful word - it seems like a little flower....