Wednesday, November 18, 2009

jen gray

jen gray

well, she says thinks that make my hair stand on end...

like she has been listening to the little whimpers and murmurs my heart makes when i am not listening to myself

and then she calls me on them...

with gentle, tender reflection she holds the mirror up for me to look into

- she wrote about the gifts and burdens of being an empath and man alive, did it make part of me feel like i was coming home

and in this post she emplores us to make a list of things that keep us whole and fill us up....

so here goes

my list of things that fill me up, for future reference...

Maeve and Elizabeth
my girls' shiney hearts
and their not so shiny bits which cause me to reflect
walking on the beach
being around big trees
doing some spiritual practise
sharing deep and silly with my friends
being openhearted
saying no when the choice makes me feel dead inside otherwise

thankyou Jen - not wanting to be a stalker... but you really make a difference

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