Monday, November 2, 2009


i want to talk about inspiration

i love how the word comes from the taking in of breath.. it seems so right to me that the word indicates that divine guidance (because that is what inspiration means to me, feels like to me - like a a whisper from God/Goddess/all that is)is around us like the air


life supporting

free to use

and re use

i found this quote today from Trelise Cooper - a New Zealand fashion designer who has battled depression and made it... she has just designed the most sumptious costumes for the New Zealand Opera Company... and she said

"And inspiration is a mysterious thing- how does it happen and how does it come about? But I do know that if you expose yourself to that sort of thing it all goes into a big melting pot. And eventually comes out again."

I loved that - i loved the idea of if you took something out of the inspiration chalice and used that inspiration, that it became part of the chalice again...

and maybe it actually adds to the chalice

this inspires me to my creative work... this tells me that it is my mission to put out my creative thoughts and expressions, no matter if they are not seen, or recieved with acclaim (of course i want to be lauded as wonderful!)

it also tells me that my thoughts about suppressing my creativity because it is not good enough are wrong... more of that sacriledge i was talking about the other day...

i have often read those quotes about people who say they have to paint/make music/write.... because it is a matter of life and death to them... and i listen to the echos of that sentiment inside myself and i see that i have chosen death - not that dramatic heart clutching stagger to the floor people weeping at my feet death, but the slow incremental dessication....

well fuckit

no longer - i will write down those inspirations

i will make time to act on inspiration

creativity will be a concious act every day

every day

and i will make a list of that which inspires me and keep it close....

and i will do my bit to fill that chalice...

taking a big breath in.....


  1. Does that mean you want to play in this ATC swap???

    I do like the idea of the inspiration chalice ~ taking when you need to, but then your creations giving back to the whole ~
    Hugs ~

  2. again, i'm on my feet applauding! standing ovation!! i am totally convinced we all need
    to create what's inside us, and to find the courage to share it in some way. even if it's
    just to a precious few. the world needs what's truly inside of's an offering. and it's
    so needed! great post!