Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#bestof09 best change to the place i live

( the orchard paddock, this is a spiral in the dew i made for a joy rebel exercise )

the best change i made to the place i live (which i would have to say is usually when the carpet, takes on that mottled look that living rurally with two children, 4 guinea pigs, a poodle, a burmese cat and paddocks right outside the door, gets an occaisional vaccum) is to have planted comfrey...

this means in a year or two the magical comfrey would be thick enough to create a weedbarrier to the rampant kikuyu in our lawn (great stuff kikuyu - hardy green drought resistant vigorous stuff which is a killer to all the other plants one has to mollycoddle along)

this means that i can start planning the orchard for about 2 years time..... with a herbal ley and heirloom trees

it will be right outside my door here...

it will give you enough time to save $ to come and visit me in peach season!!!!