Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#bestof09 a mashup!

(my favourite place Pataua beach - 20 mins drive from my house)
(apologies for the catch up nature of this list but it is fun to do and i am busy so here goes!


Now this is going to make me seem like and old hippy but what the hell if the cap fits

Carole King - Tapestry - i know it is old as the hills (but that's not necessarily a negative!) but my girls and i sing out loud - like REAL loud to it... - watching an eight year old belt out Natural woman is just a joy to behold AND we bought very costly tickets so we can see her live next year and that is going to be a family memory i can't wait to make - thanks Carole for teaching my girls about joy and lyrics and stories and fun!


i know if you follow this blog you will have seen this before - but Pataua beach always delivers a big dose of something good to me - no matter what the weather, what mood i am in, what i have going on... this place heals me ... God i love Te Tai Tokerau

Best food

Roti chanai from Restoran Zacharia III in Sandakan Borneo

the end!


  1. I enjoyed reading your mashup!
    Thanks :-)

  2. Lovely! I just did a catch-up post on the Challenge as well - it's pretty hard to keep up with each day (and I'm so enjoying being part of it - so i hate to miss one)...

    Carole King..wow..have not thought of her since..wow, i dont know..but my first semester away at college (far, far away..and me not ready...) we had that RECORD (yea, long ago) on in my dorm room about constantly!!

    Pataua beach sounds wonderous-as does the fun you and your girlies have! - but your fave food - lady, you're going to have to put up a pronunciation key for that or i'll never be able to say it!

  3. thanks lovelies

    it is pronounced Row-tee char-nigh - like a folded unleavened oily bread dipped in spicy sauce or more correctly mouthheaven with a hot kick