Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the more myself i get...

the more i seem to irritate others

i guess then energy i spend in trying to please others is now going into pleasing myself
but this is difficult for a well trained people pleaser like me to feel easy about ...

i know i don't always manage my new self in the most considerate way

(i should have trainer wheels really)

all this trying out new ways of managing things - new priorities, new thought patterns, new strategies means that so many of my rules have changed that i am almost an entirely different shape

i am often surprised when i look in the mirror that i look so much the same

the things that draw me in are things i cannot easily talk with the others in my life about

like this Jar - i made a concoction with Pixie's help and i have used it in baths in chakra massages i have drunk it i have used it in a painting...

all of which would be so difficult to explain to 99% of the people i see each day

it seems the more i get to know myself the more of a stranger i become to the world around me...


  1. Gorgeous jar.
    Having trainer wheels isn't a silly idea.
    Something to give you balance, stability and security as you practice being your lovely self.

  2. Welcome to my world.

    And I mean that sincerely.
    Glad to have you here. Care for some tea and cake?

  3. Vanessa (Ventralview)September 3, 2011 at 5:33 AM

    Wow - what a challenge, to overcome that people pleasing tendency to focus on being your (brilliant) self, but so worthwhile. As always, what you write has inspired me.

  4. I can absolutely relate to your statement, but I believe knowing myself is worth it...I don't feel I am becoming a stranger to the world, just the two-leggeds!... glad to be sharing a lodge with you. Aho.

  5. Reading that I just feel that you have arrived. At yourself. x