Friday, September 2, 2011


well fuck
and i use that expletive advisedly... it is the descriptor of the ultimate regeneration, and at the same time, the little death as the French say...

i have been rereading Women Who Run With the Wolves.... and have been pondering how the presence of death in our society is such a feared and maligned thing...

and yet of course we all die
some of us a little each day
and we all grow new life
some of us a little each day

it is about getting the balance right

but our fear and revulsion of death and the lengths we go to to avoid it have been running around inside my heart lately

I often count my blessings about having a garden and the lessons it teaches me... the death and decay of one plant leads to the life of another and the presence of this death in the midst of all this life is a lesson for me about respecting the balance...

As a woman i see that i have been gifted the possibility of being the vessel of a miracle - being able to produce a living human...

And i read Clarissa's words about how the Goddess and the matriarchal societies didn't hide from Life/Death/Life Death was part of life...

and so it is mirrored in our house... our lovely sheep are such a part of living here and we woke up 2 mornings ago to Jerry Collins being dead... such a sad surprise... the other sheep were aware that something was wrong and stood at a respectful distance looking at her.... we buried her in the paddock and now that the sheep are in that paddock i found them all standing in a wee circle around her... they knew i am sure... this photo is me disturbing them in their noticing her

and then after 2 tumultuous days and 2 trips to the vet Eila's lamb Flora died last night... She was devestated when she realised she might die and was quite distraught but when she finally died she had a wee cry but was not frightened

Living here has blessed my children with an understanding of death and loss that i never had as a child and makes them more able, i hope, to see the things in their lives that need to die, to let things go that need to go, to be alive to the new life that follows....

i have been scared in my own life to let things that need to die die.

I have seen death as cruel... but now i am finding more and more that i need to see life as requiring death in order to live... that the great cycle is what i need to honour and respect.. to meet the ugly hag of death with the respect she deserves in order to fully embrace the gifts of life...

shit life is big some days


  1. (((grieving family, human & animal)))
    You have a big heart to go with this
    big life, dear faerian friend.

  2. beautifully put, beautifully experienced and shared. palms together, hands at heart ... thank you ... namasté {{}}
    xo lis