Saturday, March 6, 2010

if you loved me

(see what i mean???)

if you loved me you would.....

stage an intervention that meant you would form a cordon near all art supplies shops

and not let me in


at least take my wallet gently away

then check my jeans for my cards or cash that i may have secreted around my person

(there will be no need for body searches i can't be taking cash out of cavities at the counter now can i? i do have some standards...)

and let me go in and fondle, gaze at colour charts, sniff the smells....

and then come home filled up

now come on people

step up!


  1. LOL! I need that kind of intervention with scrapbooking stores!!
    I hear ya, Sister!!

  2. if I loved you, I would enable the use of such art store stashes to fill your bucket and help you heal (and you would do the same and not intervene on my yarn store shopping sprees :P)

  3. Because I love you,
    I can't comply with your request :D

  4. Oh my, what a belly laugh! I may need the same intervention but please nobody love me that much ... where's the next art store!