Sunday, March 28, 2010

benefits of being enough

(me trying to pimp Brene to my sheep - they all have a strong sense of inner worthiness which is part of the reason i love them so much)

now that i have a tshirt to prove it

(and you can have one too of course just follow the steps at the end of this post)

i want to talk about the benefits of being enough


Suddenly by being enough you can be much kinder to yourself.
All that frenetic dancing, all that hustle for worthiness, the plastered on smiles, ALL OF THAT EXTRANEOUS ENERGY SAPPING CRAP just doesn't seem so necessary.

All the energy you waste being something you are not and something you don't even really want to be but think you should in order to achieve some kind of acceptance, is now available to you to make choices that honour your heart.

you are there to be kind to yourself.

and that feels nice -
it is not like having a cheerleading squad inside your head (that makes me a little queazy just thinking about pompoms and short skirts and "Go Jane,Go gimmea j gimmea a..." while i am making dinner)
but it is when you can say to yourself

"oh crap, that was a bit sucky, ah well we'll try again next time"
or even better
"Yeh, that was pretty good" - us New Zealanders tend to go for understated and that works for me... your sense of worthiness might love the pompoms, ...


When you stop measuring yourself outside yourself -
ie: your internal markers of enough suddenly take a deep sigh, stop listening to that inner critic and listen to the warm feeling in your heart which is always present when you are doing what you love.

That internal critic suddenly has to relenquish control of the volume knob... sure they are still there clamouring for attention but they no longer get to be boss of the joint.
that quiet is so marvellous i can hardly tell you ....


When you no longer require so much approval from those around you, the ones you had to dance and hustle the hardest for drop off your radar. This can be painful - but momentarily - think band aid being ripped off...

The ones who see you - really see you, seem to:

a: be glad for you and your new found ease

b. think it's worth trying themselves

c. walk their road with more joy

d. are good to be around

(this is officially called the selfperpetuatingcycleofbloodymarvellousduetoinnerworthiness)


Relenquishing the Hustle for worthiness means that you declutter your inner life...
if you are good enough right here right now all of the things you had to do in order to achieve worthy disappear..
which leads to declutter which leads to space which leads to a portal for all kinds of marvellous to come flooding in.

all of which sounds pretty sodding wonderful actually

i would recommend it from my personal experience

(this post was not sponsored by any one individual although that may seem hard to beleive seeing i am pimping Brene Brown right now but my sense of worthiness says it's ok, so i believe me!)

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love me and my inner sense of worthiness


  1. I've emailed you!!! Love this post!

  2. You make my heart smile Jane.

    I can't wait till I/you can travel the ditch and give you a hug.

  3. thankyou lovelies from the bottom of my worthy little heart...
    a ditch hop would be lovely Queen B (you are lovely too by the way incase no-one had told you in the last 10 minutes)

  4. Darling, you rock. I dig it. Every word. You know it.
    And now you want my boobie size? Well, if it makes you happy, I guess I can divulge...
    (You'll be hearing from this little mouse!)

  5. My whole Self is smiling.
    Being enough rocks!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. I absolutely *adore* this post. Thank you, and I'll be back to read more.


  7. I like this: selfperpetuatingcycleofbloodymarvellousduetoinnerworthiness

    I was wondering what the official term was. I love how being enough creates a lovely virtuous spiral - that benefits not just ourselves but those around us.

  8. Thank you for this. Thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart.

    Thank you.

    I am going to wipe my tears, then print this out and hang it in my studio.

    Big hugs!

  9. thankyou for accepting my technical term Patty - that phrase a lovely virtuous spiral touches my heart

    and Connie you are so so welcome - we made each other cry today - so we are even!!! and i am deeply honoured!

  10. i really enjoy your insights on the subject
    everyone needs a freindly reminder that we are enough