Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the man i love

(man, two girls, poodle,and a book in a bunk)

is the kind of man who...

tells his 9 year old he is proud of her for no special reason

bikes 90 kms for fun

makes me a good cup of tea every morning

has been an international sportsman

runs a business

comes overseas mostly because i want to go there

loves being at home

loves movies about war

loves his mother and looks forward to talking to her on the phone

likes my legs

likes a bargain

likes planting things

has a beehive

likes to choose clothes for his 7 year old daughter - and does it with panache

talks lovingly to the poodle

changed nappies without flinching

supports me to create - even if he doesn't particularly like what i am making he likes that i am happy

delights in a job that he can wear shorts and tshirts to work for

can draw and sing but rarely does them

doesn't like the pegs on the clothesline to be alone so he moves them together so they are not lonely

is honest and loyal and strong and

loves me


  1. big smile!
    he sounds wonderful!!!!

  2. wow!
    indeed, he does sound wonderful. you are a lucky lady.

  3. thankyou ladies - i prefer to think luck had nothing to do with it though... i am blessed that we met, and blessed that he stayed with me through the tough times... but that was work there too and not so much luck

  4. It takes a brave man to admit to caring about clothes pegs LOL
    Seriously - he's very special; he must be to have found you.
    I feel much admiration for you both for working through the tough times together.
    I love him for how he fathers his girls.

  5. PS - I also love him for loving you xx

  6. I just love this, darling! In my experience (observation?), it's become almost uncool to talk about one's spouse in glowing terms. I'm so happy to see you burst that bubble, darl. [Whispering: I have something half written about Mr Mouse] You're right, there's a lot of hard work... but I do believe in luck or fate or whatever too. "Tough times" are part of every journey. It's my hope that most couples starting out together know this. But sometimes I'm not too sure!

  7. I should have known I would find terri here.
    I came via the joy rebel, and poked thru your words.
    Loved this tribute to your love, it made me smile.