Wednesday, September 15, 2010

things that need to die

i did this as a journal page - i was experimenting with the masking tape being ripped up on the page and when i finished they looked like the little crosses that litter our roads...

memorials to the spot where people's lives ended

i am not alone in being a bit freaked out by death

the end of life as a breathing talking walking entity....

i used to be so scared of it i couldn't garden - growing my own veges meant i had to kill something in order to eat it...(Roald Dahl and his story about screaming plants really has a lot to answer for!)

now i see how death is part of life

the leaves that fall generate food for the plants to come

the lives of those who pass are never forgotten by those who love them and who are left...

I also realise that patterns in my life that seem natural are as ephemeral as anything and that in order for new nourishment some of them need to die

and so this page became a list, a memorial to things that i see that need to die...

like ...Self judgement

like... Being too busy

like... vicious self talk

like...feeling responsible for everything

like... feeling ugly

each little arm of the cross holding the energy for the soon to be departed feeling or pattern...

they have served me well

but long may they rest in peace


  1. What a wonderful way of looking at your life! I'll definitely be using this!!

  2. Those crosses speak louder than words.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. I really love this. Thank you for helping me take my thinking a step further :)

  4. So many times while art journaling, I have an idea in my head of where I want the page to go and something goes "wrong" but in the end, I end up liking where the page has ended up. Aind if I learn something along the way, about myself or art techniques, even better!!

  5. Wow - absolutely, deeply beautiful.