Thursday, March 17, 2011

advice from my Japanese friend

This is from my beloved friend Reisae a Japanese American woman, gifted healer, exquisite cook, lover of life... Please feel free to share Reisae's generous gift of information - her Mom came to the US as a bride to a US serviceman involved in the cleanup after the nuclear bombs were dropped.

Hope all is well. Just wanted to share some info. I have known about this information for several years and in light of the nuclear challenge in Japan I want to spread the info. Please share this with everyone you know. I am not an alarmist, however I wanted to encourage all of you to have a bowl of Miso Soup with sea veggies (Wakame, Hijiki, Kombu, Dulse, ) EVERY day. Personally, I prefer Wakame. Given the catastrophic nuclear situation in Japan currently, an ounce of prevention is worth . . .

After the Atomic Bomb was dropped in Hiroshimi/Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 the radioactive fall-out killed and devastated the health of thousands of Japanese. However, it was discovered by
Dr. Shinichiro Akizuki working at ground zero in Nagasaki, that a daily serving of Miso Soup and Sea Veggies prevented radiation sickness, poisoning, and the potential of cancers presenting. Miso protects the body from radiation by binding and discharging radioactive elements. The natural iodines in seaweeds can reduce by almost 80% the radioactive elements of exposure.

There is a ton of info. on the internet to validate this info. Encourage you to research for yourself and then go make yourself a wonderful bowl of Miso Soup and Wakame!

Miso Soup & Wakame Recipe
1 Serving

16 oz. Water
1 Heaping TBSP Dried Wakame
3 Heaping TBSP Miso (the more aged the better)

Place water in small pan and add Wakame. Let set for 10 minutes to allow Wakame to hydrate. Bring water to slight simmer. Remove from heat and add Miso. DO NOT boil Miso, it kills the fermentation/enzymes. Garnish with scallions and enjoy the healing!

With love,

P.S. My Mom was finally able to speak with her brother in Japan and he indicated that he and his family are surviving. As reported food, water, shelter, and the nuclear power plants are of grave concern. He and his family are not in an evacuation area but as the nuclear situation evolves they may need to leave their village. He endured the war with my mother as children and he says that this event is as equally traumatic and frightening. Please pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Japan.


  1. My prayers are with the Japanese people and all those around the world who love and/or are praying for them. What an extension of beautiful self for your friend to share this information. My light to her and her Mum. Love to you.


  2. Thank you for sharing Jane.
    Love to you and yours.

  3. Many grateful thanks to your friend for this, faerian <3 My prayers and love go out to all those suffering.

  4. Thank you for this, Jane! And thank you for posting at my blogsite. It is good to be in touch. I have been thinking about you and about New Zealand a lot.

    The world is round and we can keep circling and turning to each other, in heart, in spirit.