Tuesday, March 15, 2011


if nothing else i can see how important it is to not be distracted by pointless shit

if nothing else i can see how important it is to live the life you want now

if nothing else i can see how important it is to say i love you, to stop the woman in the supermarket who has good hair and tell her, to smile at a stranger, to wear the clothes that you love

if nothing else i can see how you need to listen to the whispers of your heart - not put them off or pretend they are not there

because without warning you may not be there at all


  1. Oh so true my friend...so very true! I tell you what I have done a hell of a lot of soul searching these last few weeks with all the loss and devastation that has been going on around us and in our world...

    Totally agree about not being distracted by the pointless shit...

    PS: You're lovely....thought I would tell ya that!! :)

  2. Oh..PSS...

    my "code" when I entered my last comment was "ANUTOUT" hahaha a nut out... ;) sometimes i feel like having a nut out.. :) hahah.

  3. totally agree, and YOU ARE SPECIAL !
    really ! for putting thoughts into words the way you do ♥ Aroha my friend up North :)

  4. Totally agree my love - life certainly has a new perspective for me and may I never lose it!

  5. That is so true - live each day as if its our last and be happy.
    I'm happy to have lovely blog friends x x x

  6. know that each of you are treasures to me - and fill the world with light...

  7. I loved this. So loved this! Thank you!

  8. I was reading along here at your blog (your family is lovely!! - and thanks for sharing the soup recipe) - and came to this post...tears are in my eyes --- it's so true that nothing is forever and we have no idea how short our time is (or how short the gal in the supermarket who's got great hair's time is) -- so vital to tell people how much they mean to us - how they touch us.

    YOU, m'dear - are an open-hearted wonder and your words have touched my heart so many times (thought you should know - tho I hope we both will be around for a long, long time!).

    much love to you!