Friday, March 18, 2011


Making all the choice
making hard choices
being able to make no choices

Doing everything for them
doing hard things for them
being able to do nothing for them

Feeling everything for them
Feeling everything for them
feeling everything for them


  1. I think your girls will grow up and remember the amazing love that you have shown them.

  2. I want to be your daughter too! XXOO

  3. thank you my lovelies - parenting is very hard at the moment and i feel like i am getting it "wrong" more than i am getting it "right" i feel ripped off that there isn't a button that lights up when i do the right thing... :-)futile but true

  4. You are a fantastic Mum with two amazing girls. It is so apparent that you love, love, love them and even if they don't seem like they know it at the time, they will. I hope to be a Mum just like you.