Thursday, June 9, 2011

my manifesto

I have been doing an amazing course with Queen Dani- yes she is real royalty, yes she has been sent to me by the benificent Universe as a sign that magic is alive and breathing, yes she fills me up and nourishes me in a way that i feel like i have been hungry for for a long, long time...

i can't recommend the course highly enough - just go here and see for yourself

the part i worked on yesterday was my personal manifesto - kind of like the rulebook for life that i wished i had had right from the beginning... but here it is, guidelines for a good life as designed and decided by me...


Be kind to yourself and then to others. Know you are a spark of the divine. ENJOY your time on this planet. Gasp at beauty and then speak it. Don’t puff up or belittle, just be. Be in integrity. Create from your heart – messily, imperfectly, wildly, often, magically. Hear those whispers and act on them. Trust that the world needs what you have to offer. Refill often. Laugh from your belly. Seek solace. Check in with yourself. Listen to the little one, she knows. Don’t deny yourself. Listen to your angels, they are right there. Keep your heart open. Be mindful of what you do with your precious gems. Speak what you know to be true. Drink in the things that nurture you. Just try. Cry when you need to. Don’t dumb it down. Listen with your heart. Make beauty. Trust your gut. Gather things that fill you up. See yourself. Do your work. Listen to your body – it knows stuff. Take those chances, they are there for a reason. Change is your friend. So is licorice. Eat what you love. Wear what you love. Be what you love. You are allowed wonderful. You deserve great things. Acknowledge the sacred in all that you encounter. Affirm what you want. Tell your story. Honour your truth. Take the counsel of those you trust, including stones and trees. Hug your self each day, that body, that heart, that spirit, they are bloody good. Say Fuck when you need to, Yay when you need to, sing when you need to, say yes when you need to and no when you need to. Remember to breathe.
Remember your MAGNIFICENCE.

Want to share yours???


  1. When Goddesses (and queens) gather - not only does magic happen, but mountains move!!

    I love you my soul sister from across the ocean!! XXOO

  2. I need to work on mine own!!!

  3. all I can say is a resounding AMEN SISTER! (and I love this: 'change is your friend. so is licorice.'

  4. This would make a great thread on the forum!