Friday, June 24, 2011


does honey ask if it is golden enough? sweet enough? nourishing enough?

does grass ask if it is green enough? soft enough? tender enough?

does a sparrow ask if it is flying beautifully? hopping enough?

does the sky ask if it is blue enough? wide enough?

why do i ask if i am good enough? kind enough? smart enough?


  1. pure beautiful splendid f*ing amazing wisdom right there. yep.

  2. You are more than enough my friend. I know this journey is all about not needing to hear that, but just HAD to say it!

  3. Yes, why? Let's not question our worth any more :))

  4. amen jane. amen. I'm going to print off your questions and frame them to hang over my desk. The little voice inside my head asks, "when will it be enough?" Can't help but think the answer is, "the moment I allow myself to be enough."

  5. Jane, I'm doing some back-reading. Haven't been around the blogosphere much lately, but I have to say that you consistently make me think, feel, and say 'amen'. Amen to this one for sure! (ha! just looked up and see QnDani says the same). I'll join the chorus.