Friday, June 3, 2011

the tug on my skirt

i am becoming more adept at listening to the tug on my skirt

the one that comes from deep inside me, from the darkness

from the little girl in there with the tears and the snot and the grazes on her knees,

the little one who says,

"that hurt"


"i'm scared"

i am becoming more adept at stopping what i am doing,

stopping all the busy-ness and the chatter and the urge to pull the carpet over her

and i am turning my face to her,

kneeling down and saying

"It is ok sweetheart. I am here."

It requires me to not be in the world so much. It requires me to not be busy making plans or having coffee, it requires me to be attentive to the smallest sounds from my heart.

But it also allows me to be heard and held and comforted in just the way i need

And that is good.


  1. Oh my goodness, Jane. This gave me chills all over. I'm so deeply touched.

    We have connected...what a beautiful, sacred thing.

    ♥ Julia

  2. wow! this is so powerful and moving and just what i need to do myself. you have put into words what i am finding happening to me - i am still learning the bit about comforting the little girl inside me - my habit has been to run away from her.

    thank you.

  3. I too am becoming aware. Thank you. I could picture the little girl in my mind. Just beautiful....