Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a big late sincere thankyou


This is well overdue

i am sorry it took my impolite arse so long but here it is (a myriad of excuses all of which sound inexcusably lame right now so i won't bore you...)


to the glorious Brandi whom i have been enamoured of since i met her online about 2 years ago

Her wonderful blog brings joy and light into the world and i am a proud joy rebel....

her work here in gussying up my blog warms my heart - when i dive into the sea of blue goodness she has created i feel happy

yep Brandi brings happy

if you would like her to work on your blog you can just scoot on over to her website and i am sure she will bring happy into your life too

THANK YOU BRANDI - i am glad you are on the planet


  1. You're such dearhearts, the pair of you. I'm so glad you are happy with your new, cute and beaut site. It's adorable, as are you. And I'm sure your belated thank you can be easily excused given recent events, honey.

  2. Thank you from me too, Brandi.
    Thank you to faerian and Meg for being here as well <3

  3. oh sweetie, I adore you! thank you for the very kind words...smooches!