Friday, July 16, 2010


this is one of my peices from BIG FEARLESS PAINTING which people found lots of stories for....

Ronna Detrick has a great site called Renegade Conversations - it is ostensibly about woman and spirituality but really about life...

today she asked "What are the stories you'd like to hear?"

As you may know, i am a story-o-phile (apologies to Tanya Batt .)

I believe in the power of the spoken and written word to send our soul the nourishment it needs, to skip through time and forge a path for us to walk when we get there, to heal, to challenge and to bring joy.

I loved how Ronna's stories have come true (how could they fail to with such a loving heart behind them?)

So i write mine here and encourage you - you band of delicious souls who come here and see into my heart - to write yours too!

Stories i would like to hear:

i am loved beyond measure.

My girls grow up to be strong, loving, generous women, surrounded by love and connection to spirit and abundance.

My work finds a place in people's hearts and changes their lives.

i am leading courses in creativity and seeing ripples of this throughout my community.

I travel extensively and with great joy.

I have true and loving friends who treasure me.

your turn


  1. I LOVE that work of art Jane. It is mesmerizing, thought provoking yet instilling in me peace and joy all at the same time! I'll have to give my story some time to form and then I'll share!

  2. I like the sound of YOU BJJ!