Wednesday, July 28, 2010

being seen

i believe the thing we all want

is to be seen.

Not being seen in the "God,i know people will see this pimple/grey hair/ wrinkle/cellulite/hole in my pantyhose/ deep ugly flaw in my character" kind of way...

But in this way

" I see your magnificence"

" i see you as a perfect reflection of God"

"I see you - perfect, whole, complete."

this is the way we YEARN for.

Sometimes we try to cover this yearing up with things, we numb it with alchohol, drugs, drama...

But,I think it is what makes us turn to goo around babies - they touch on the place that is perfect possibility - maybe they help us see that moment where we were (hopefully) seen with love in it's most crystal clear form.

"Thank All That Is, there you are, you are perfect, I love you."

The yearning for this being seen can lead us into all kinds of places, damaging and repairing, kind and cruel.

But it is when we begin to see ourselves, see our shadow and our shallows and our gifts and our longings and our stumblings and our accomplishments and our pimples and we can greet all that with Love...

then we see ourselves.

then that is reflected around us...

and then our eyes truely open...

today i wish that you could glimpse your own magnificence...

i am looking for mine


  1. jane, i wanted to share with you the paper doll i put in this post:

    he says:
    i see you.
    i really see you.
    you are magnificent.

    i mean it.

  2. To be seen and heard from the heart are magnificent things ~~~

  3. I see you faerian.
    I see you; perfect, whole, complete and magnificent <3

  4. I see your beauty - I see you - I see your truth. I smile in recognition.
    Namaste (the divine in me sees and acknowledges the divine within you), beautiful soul.

  5. This is exactly what I was talking about Jane - thank you for understanding and "seeing" me so perfectly. I see you too and think you are amazing!!