Monday, July 12, 2010


(victory over death by Colin McCahon)

this weekend i was all stirred up

decisions from the past which were attempts of mine to assert my right to my dreams came back to haunt me

beauty kept bombarding me

mundanity kept ankle tapping me

words flowed

visions flowed

confusion about priorities made the colours i was experiencing muddy and clarity was evading me

so i went for a walk on the beach

winter beach, early morning, thick grey sea and sky, brilliant shafts of sunlight singing through the cloud , them disappearing again reflecting the landscape inside me....

so i called my child self and i called my grandparents....

i told the scared and defensive little girl that it was ok to ask for what she wanted, it was ok to say when enough was enough, it was ok to expect kind treatment...

i asked my grandparents for their thoughts and i was met with warmth and love and acceptance, and under my feet heart shaped rock after heart shaped rock

and it came to me - all the fear i have about inviting big into my life relates back to this time where i chose travel and freedom over my (now) husband - the anguish about the pain i caused still sits inside me - (and him as evidenced by our fight)

I left a trail of devistation when i chose South Africa over him.

i have strived for acceptance and forgiveness and good personhood ever since.

Choosing a creative life felt like facing the same choice - in order to have that was i going to have to jettison the role i have now as completely as i did then?

Will i have to continue to strive to be more than what i am? - a better artist archetype (living alone in some hovel, creating masterworks effortlessly, pleasing all whose eyes fall upon my work)

Will i have to be less than what i am? - (no longer a wife and mother, no longer loved and understood)

and then it came to me - with all the heart shaped rocks and love i felt


I just am what i am - i no longer have to strive to be better or worse for anyone else.

i no longer have to sacrifice or berate or measure


i have access to all my resources just as I AM

I have what i need as I AM

it is all possible just as I AM

and my heart went back to Colin McCahon whose work so lights my heart and i honour him here and thank him for the iconography which i see now each time i get scared..

(i am -scared - Colin McCahon)


  1. Oh, the holy timing. If only you knew what this post means to me this morning. In fact, I have no words except these: I AM.
    Meg xo

  2. my beloved Meg ((((I AM)))) WITH YOU

  3. absolutely beautiful.........

  4. I am so in that same place right now...just tonight I was talking to my dad, and he asked how things are going, and as usual, I prefaced all of it with, "I know that you and mom don't really understand what I'm doing..."
    What I am doing...
    What I am...
    I am...
    standing up.

    Thank you for posting this, and for giving me something to look to when I start to question whether this is self interest, or selfishness...

  5. wise and wonderful.
    yes YOU ARE.

  6. standing here with you ... feeling all of this inside ... witnessing you standing up is breath taking, inspiring and affirming.

    my whole quest ... to simply rest in

    I am ...

    BIG love to you ...

    xo Lis

  7. Holy schmoly indeed, lovely. This is amazing!! This post is absolutely beautiful ...I'll have to comment on Ning as well, but all I can do is giggle at this power that is taking us all for a ride.

    YOU ARE amazing, beautiful, ...all that you are is the truth. Stunning.

  8. Just now read this, and I'm absolutely amazed. Wow, heart shaped rocks for you too. Oh this message is just so powerful. I AM

  9. Um YEAH.
    Smokin' hot truth blowing.