Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dressing up and my intuition

I am a Pippi Longstocking wannabe

Independant,strong, good friends, parents are strangely invisible, she even has a monkey for heaven's sake!

So when i got the chance to dress up as Pippi at the local library's character hunt i jumped at it...

the morning of the big event i drew a Goddess card - Sulis - the celtic Goddess related to bodies of water - i have drawn her repeatedly over the last few weeks...

so with my plaits wired and red spray in my hair i went down to the library - i was 10 minutes early and sat in the car listening to the radio and rearranging Mr Nelson around my neck...

then i thought of Sulis and so i decided to go behind the library and look at the river - this thought did not come lightly - it was cold - i was a little daunted by the fact that i am a grown woman dressed like the ultimate girl out of the context of a library it seemed ... well... weird

but over i went and stood on the bridge, having deep thoughts about never stepping in the same river twice, about being washed clean, about what we are doing to our rivers mirroring the degradation we are subjecting our souls to...

and then along came a woman - looking in her early 50s with a scruffy dog... i smiled and said hello as i customarily do

and i got greeted by her life story... rich and sad, full of loss and joy...

she told me of the years she wasted being unhappy with her husband and how deeply happy she is now - i can still see her holding her hands at an equal height in front of her saying "we are moving along at the same pace now"

her description of herself as "a community worker" - she is giving uup on saying "unemployed" because she recognises she is not - she bakes for the family that don't have time, she takes care of elderly friends...

her tender love for her 17 year old leonine dog...

all of it over in about 8 minutes, but like a gift from a benevolent universe, showing me that in unexpected places, and when i listen to my intuition there will be rich stories, connection and joy....

i could have stayed in my car then gone in and had a most excellent time pretending i was a rich pirates' daughter (and by God i did have a good time)

but i listened to Sulis and she bought me a mirror of the power of reaching out, reframing, flowing and growing... i don't know what that woman's name was but she gave me a real gift in her story and story is all that we are.


  1. Wonderful!!
    All of it!

  2. Lovely post. And I love the photo of you. I especially like the tights and the pink boots! =)

  3. well this is just so dang lovely on so many levels. LOVE pippi!!! yay you!
    and how awesome, listening to that waterly intuition. perfect.
    and those boots!!!! omg!!!!! yes!

  4. And imagine what joy and wonderful release you must have brought to her life too.

    BIG Hugs Pippi! BIG Hugs!