Sunday, May 1, 2011

self compassion inventory

Finding out how kind you are to yourself can prove to be enlightening in more ways than one...

i recently filled out this inventory and it turns out i am mean to myself like Miss Trunchbull is mean to Matilda

but secretly as i was filling out the scores i found myself gloating just a little - feeling like i was self righteous because i was so damn self abnegating

the moral of the story is martyrdom runs so damned deep in my veins

and my first instinct is to wage war on it

but because it is so deep within me i would just be waging war on my self

so i am choosing the self loving option

i am noticing

and i am making a different habit grow....

one kind step at a time

want to fill out the test too?? then look on the list down the side to find self compassion inventory


  1. Not too bad myself. I'm pretty nice to myself most days. But there is always work to do.
    Applause to you my friend. It's tough work.

  2. wow. " is so deep within me i would just be waging war on myself"
    fabulous insight! you rock.
    i haven't taken it yet... on my way...

  3. thank you my lovely friends - i keep giggling about Miss Trunchbull inside me - i am employing my inner Matilda on her - it is quite fun

  4. My score was "moderate".
    Hmmm. Must try harder!!!

  5. you must be kinder, you must be tender, you must be you don't you mean mollie???