Thursday, May 19, 2011

where i put my heart

listening to those rancorous harsh shouts of not enough, not deserving, not worthy,
i put my heart in places where she is going to get flattened sometimes
i put my heart out there in the path of the train,
i put my heart in places that are cold and hard and exposed to the light
i put my heart on straight hard lines when it is all curved and soft

when i listen to the quiet whispers of the divine, ushered in as sunlight or creative sparks or the head of my daughter resting on my chest,
i put my heart in places where she being held with tenderness
i put my heart on the soft velvet pillow held by those who love me
i put my heart where she can shine away the darkness
i am sure i must be home


  1. Your heart's love shines bright <3

  2. And your heart softens and melts and warms all those things ~~~

  3. Appropriately, I heart this....