Friday, July 10, 2009

holding the space

Now lets get this straight from the outset - i like to be the one that fixes stuff... i like to come up with solutions and see things sorted...

for the better

as i see it

of course

and i have had time to reflect over the last week on this annoying do gooder in me (any Coro street fans there - i am definitely an Emily Nugent in this mode!)

Someone who i care about is in a bad place - she is scared and worried and overwhelmed by a possible health issue which has big implications

she is an empowered woman

who has fought battles for her life before-

who has come out shiny and alive and authentic and loving and whole

who knows about the power of affirmations and visualisation and light

but she is in that space (just now, not for good) of being a bit of a crumpled heap - the rug was pulled out from underneath her.... and the fall hurt.... she is a bit winded

and all i can do is hold the space for things to get better for her, filled with healing light and care....

i can beleive that this energy will reach her and fill her up and help her to get her breath back...

but i can't do anything else...

and i have to beleive that is enough....

so help me hold the space and she will be up even sooner

love love and more love to her

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