Monday, July 27, 2009


you know my brain knows a bit about the whole theory of attracting what you focus on....

my heart knows that when it rests in positivity it feels alive and well and vibrant ... and that is what is reflected all around

but when you are scared

like really scared

then it is so hard not to slide into that slipstream of gloom and anxiety ...
the one that comes when a huge truck, loaded with hideous outcomes and terrible possibilities zooms down the road
straight towards you
you can hear the airhorn blasting
and the ground starts to shake
how do you hold onto the positivity and the vision of the perfect outcome then....
i'm feeling the leaves in the trees around me start to shake....
i chose the photo because i have taken great comfort from the part in the bible that talks about how even the smallest bird is taken care of ... these are sparrows that we feed on our fence outside our kitchen window... hoping for some good karma sometime soon


  1. thankyou bobbie and Queen Belicious... hugging back and grateful for them

  2. sometimes when i get like this, it takes me awhile, but i work myself around to 'trust.'
    trusting the process....and ultimately...trusting me to handle it all.

    way easier typed than lived....
    but wanted to throw the trust word your way.
    cause over and over again, i need it thrown my way!!

  3. thanks terri - trusting that i am being loved and held just where i need to be... i shall be lurking on your pages figuring out where to chuck a trustlifebouy to you...

  4. Sending you hugs, sweetie. XXXXX

  5. arms are opening wide B thankyou!