Saturday, July 18, 2009

my imaginary argument

I don't know if you have these.

I don't know if it is wise to admit in such a public place that i do this kind of stuff, given that it becomes a public record and if i ever get famous (or infamous) this could be used against me -


Coz that is what i do

fight in my head

the other day, whilst at the kitchen sink, i was fighting with a woman i will refer to as P. (back story- P is someone i try to avoid where possible but it is occaisionally impossible to avoid her - i was building up to meeting her and thinking of what it would be like i began to find myself ... well fighting with her in my head)
I was counteracting all the crap behaviour she exhibits which does my blood pressure and the big line between my eyebrows no good whatsoever.....
I was eloquent
I was powerful
I was winning.
And then i stopped
i realised how i was creating such a stew of a drama , and kind of enjoying the taste of it - where there was NONE - i haven't seen her for 6 months and although she is unlikely to have changed all i was doing was creating the petri dish for the same old bacterial behaviour to grow...
bitterness, anger, uptightness
and my sphincters all relaxed
and i breathed a bit better
and i swear i heard the "plink" of a tiny bit of crustiness fall off our relationship
so no more fighting at the sink.... and apologies to P...

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