Wednesday, April 14, 2010

fear is a robber

fear is a robber

it sneaks up in the dark
grabs you roughly,
always knowing where it hurts the most,
fear takes you off your path

takes you somewhere dark
somewhere unfriendly
somewhere you can't be heard

then fear takes your glasses
and you can't see

then fear ties your hands up
so you can't act

then fear takes it's prize
your power

Unless in that dark place when you hear the footsteps,
tap behind you

you can say



fear's name

and when it hears it's name

fear retreats

so learn fear's name
and shout it out if you have to

you may have bruise marks on your arm
but your heart is intact


  1. How did you know how much I needed that?

  2. still thinking of you and yours....sending peace and love your way (muah)

  3. It's always worse at night. For some reason your brain works overtime in the dark. At daybreak problems shrink in size somewhat; still there but seem more manageable