Monday, April 12, 2010

feeling little

i am sitting here

feeling little

because the person who is precious to me, in the feeling like real family kind of a way is going into surgery on Friday.

and he is scared

and so am i.

i feel little because he was the one who;

always helped me when i was little.

to reassure me to take a chance said things like

"Would i ever hurt you?"

and the answer was an emphatic-deep-in-my-chest no.

and i have to contend with catastrophising and martyrdom and complication

when all i want to do is acknowledge this feeling little and wanting to curl up in his lap and make it all better

for us both


  1. Sending hugs to you, and gentle healing thoughts to your someone special ~~~

  2. ((hugs)) to you and your will be OK, I feel it. You are allowed to be scared and you are allowed to feel smaller than the implications of this situation. remembering of course that you both and your love is bigger than anything life can throw at you all. I loves ya. - Dharma

  3. Poor you and Poor someone special, its scary but with enough positive thought it will be ok. I'm sending you healing thoughts and holding you in my arms untill you feel strong again.

  4. Holding your little self in my heart full of love and sending many prayers and vibes for successful surgery for your dad. These erase the effects of any catastrophising, martyrdom & complication.
    Love your new blog layout.

  5. thankyou lovely ladies i feel held and heard and loved

    i am a little tender right now so i am hiding out a bit... i am sure you will understand