Thursday, April 29, 2010

You never know...

You never know when what you are doing might make a huge difference to someone

I was reflecting on this as i was driving the other day

feeling very harried and sad and overwhelmed (thankyou for reading through some of that in the last couple of weeks)

i was at the traffic lights and a woman drove past

she was laughing her head off

mouth wide open

eyes crinkled

laughing with her whole self

and it lifted me

her joy shot through her window and into mine and shifted the heavy stuff out of the way

she made a difference and she will never know

and as i was driving past a big poplar, the last of it's leaves yellowing, and shimmering in the cool breeze, blue sky backdrop, sun shining hard... the miracle of autumn and the cycle of life singing full voice for all who care to hear

i thought that tree was like her...

magnificent, sharing beauty and connecting with the divine

and totally unaware


unworried by the opinion of others

living our truth allows us to make those gifts, completely unaware

and completely powerful


  1. Talk about a priceless gift!!!

  2. I love it when nature kicks us in the ass like that!! and its great that you shared the laugh with that women. Yesterday, despite having a truly awful day, i said hello to everyone i met. One smiled back and it lifted me.
    Hope you're feeling strong today.

  3. clapping with delight! it makes me want to be more of who i am........thanks for this!

  4. oh....i loved this!! Beautiful. Last night I stood in the ocean and let the waves lap over my ankles, and i thought of you and what you said about the same water lapping over our respective ankles, and as the tide receded i filled the wave with love and hugs just in case. i really believe it's on it's way....special delievery and all....

  5. there is nothing to top the feeling of being totally unaware of the opinions of others as you do what your larger, sometimes impish spirit tells you to do. nothing. nothing at all. wish i could bottle it up and drink some with every meal so i never felt any other way.

  6. this post is so beautiful. I totally believe that laughter is one of the great healers of life...and you just proved that it can heal from a distance!

  7. each of you have made the same kind of difference to me - i want you to know that you have laughed into my window in your own way - filling my heart and my eyeballs (they get a bit leaky when love is in the air)